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FREE dental clinic in Washington NC July 17 & 18 UPDATED

Cassie Minor started this conversation

NC Missions of Mercy will hold a two day free dental clinic event. Fillings, extractions, cleanings and x-rays as needed will be provided. Go to the NCMOM website for more information and directions.


450+ patients provided with over $170,000 in treatment!!!

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Cassie Minor   in reply to twigg
Where are you located? Do you want to try to get to the next one? The site for the clinics is and the schedule page is
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Dear Cassie Minor, My husband has for teeth that is broke off and giving him extream pain. He is always mad because of the pain, I am 5&1/2 months pregnant and him being mad and in pain all the time is stressing me out. The state wont give him medicaid until after the baby is born and we struggle to pay the bills. PLEASE HELP!! I found this site saying you have free dental clinic events. But every time I click the NCMOM site it shoots me all over. I just need to know where and when to take him to get work done. PLEASE let me know something I am out of options!!!!!!!
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Katie Lynn

this was an amazing help to me and my family thank youo whoever did it. thank you so much

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